Taney County initiative seeks to help with labor issue

By Kadee Brosseau | View the original story on KY3 News

Too many jobs, not enough workers in Taney County. That’s the reason local leaders are putting together a plan.

The Workforce Development Collaborative seeks to grow the area’s labor pool and help put the right people in the right positions. As Branson continues to boom, t’s a long-term strategy to keep up with the demand for workers.

On busy summer days, thousands of visitors pack into Branson’s attractions, but that wouldn’t be possible without workers like those at Track Family Fun Parks.

“Right people for the right job. We are hiring entertainers at this point,” Director of Operations Andy McNeely said.

McNeely says, this year, employees were hard to come by.

“Branson is developing so fast and we are growing so fast that we just can’t keep up with demand,” McNeely said.

With the growth of The Track with the addition of the ferris wheel, they had to hire 41 new employees this year.

“As a company, we’re not going to sacrifice our quality. So, we have to come up with different ideas to solve that. Whether it be crew member incentives, whether it be their requests for time off. We are going to be flexible,” McNeely said.

As the demand for workers continues to grow throughout Branson, the Taney County Partnership is putting together plans to help area businesses find help.

“You’ve got to be paying attention and looking at all the programs, the educational pieces, everything you can to put towards this effort. That’s workforce development,” Taney County Partnership Executive Director Jonas Arjes said.

Now branded with the slogan “On Point,” the initiative, as a whole, helps businesses of all kinds find employees more quickly, places job seekers, and grows the workforce through things like new online tools and outreach programs.

“When you look at workforce development, It’s about development, retention, and attraction,” Arjes said.

The Taney County Partnership has launched a website called taneycountyjobs.com that connects job seekers with employers. Also, the young professionals program recruits people under 40 to the local workforce to help shape the future of the Branson Area.