Taney County Commission and Partnership Coordinate Assistance for Rockaway Beach

May 27, 2014

The Taney County Partnership went before the Taney County Commission on Thursday, May 22, to request financial assistance for Rockaway Beach in their efforts to combat the curly-leaf pondweed (Potamogeton Crispus) along the city’s shoreline.  The roughly 25 acres of growth is scheduled to be treated by Midwest Lake Management, Inc. in conjunction with their services for Empire District Electric on June 2.

“I would like to thank Presiding Commissioner Houseman for coordinating this while away and Commissioners Strahan and Williams for putting this on the agenda in such short notice.” said Jonas Arjes, Executive Director, Taney County Partnership.

The citizens, interested stakeholders and leadership of Rockaway Beach had raised about two-thirds of the funds needed to treat the invasive plant with that effort being spearheaded by Rockaway Beach Alderman, Terry Segrist.  A few unforeseen obstacles along the way contributed to the capital campaign running out of time to get the weed issue addressed this growing season.  “The County’s involvement in this issue is beneficial to both our environment and our economy.” said Commissioner Houseman on Tuesday, May 27, after approval was granted to help close the gap.  The financial support of the Commission will ensure this project is completed which will make the treatment next year that much easier as the curly-leaf pondweed continues to threaten Lake Taneycomo, which is entirely within the borders of Taney County.

“I’m pleased that the Partnership was able to facilitate the cooperation between these three partners (Taney County Commission, Rockaway Beach, and Empire District Electric) to tackle an obstacle to economic growth in Taney County.” said Arjes.
If your business is interested in becoming a part of the Taney County Partnership or interested in getting more information, please visit www.taneycountypartnership.com.

Taney County Partnership Mission
The Taney County Partnership coordinates and facilitates the development of a strong, diversified and competitive economy in the county.  As a public-private partnership, the TCP focuses on addressing the needs and opportunities of existing business, providing assistance to new and expanding businesses, fostering workforce development, supporting an entrepreneurial culture, while advocating for a business-friendly climate in Taney County, Missouri.

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