Now Hiring: Taney County businesses cannot find enough workers

BRANSON, Mo. (KSPR) – Taney County businesses are looking to hire. Businesses there say the number of jobs far out exceeds the number of workers available.

The Alpine Coaster is just one of the businesses hiring. There’s more than 1,000 jobs available and they need workers to fill them.

“The summer has been great with some of the businesses open and renewed interest,” said Matt Meadows of the new alpine coaster.

Matt Meadows is the project manager for the alpine coaster. Right now he’s hiring permanent and seasonal workers ages 16 and up for the grand opening August 5. He says good help is a priority.

“It’s vital to operation of business,” said Meadows. “We are in a tourism community hiring good people is vital.

Workers for the coaster are among more than 1,000 needed in Branson and other parts of Taney County. The Taney County Partnership says at least 130 businesses are hiring.

“You can probably drive down the strip and have a job before the end of the day,” said Jonas Arjes of the Taney County Partnership.

Jonas Arjes explains what’s behind the bursting economy.

“Recently we had a lot of development and redevelopment,” said Arjes. “We had the Ferris wheel and Ballparks of America working.”

Arjes says it may be a good problem to have, but they’re having a hard time finding qualified workers to fill the hole. The supply just isn’t there. So they’re reaching out across the county and beyond encouraging people of all sectors and levels of skill to apply.

“We launched a branded initiative of on point targeting talent and opportunity in Taney County,” said Arjes. “They can use that brand to search.”

Economic development managers say they have about two dozen more businesses hiring this year over last year. The jobs range from entry level in the hotel and restaurant industry, other service jobs, management and of course tourism.