Millennials in the Workforce

According to a 2015 Pew Research study, Millennials surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce. As the youngest Millennials get older, more of them will be looking for or getting jobs, and some of those jobs could be right here in Missouri. In fact, four Missouri-based companies made the cut on Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” list last year.Millennials are quickly becoming the most influential population in our market today as they are graduating from college and reaching their peak employment years. So, in honor of the Class of 2016 graduates exiting college or high school and entering the workforce this month, here are some benefits Millennials entering Missouri’s workforce can bring to the table at your business, brought to us by B. Loehr Staffing:

Millennials Produce at High Levels

Millennials in the Missouri workforce are known for their high production levels. They want to be challenged while at work, have a busy schedule and do everything possible to succeed in their career. This means that they will do whatever it takes to meet deadlines and submit projects on time and correctly at all costs. Don’t you want to have employees who constantly want to take on new challenges? When this happens, your company will succeed within its industry and benefit from the fresh perspective millennials bring to an organization.Millennials Like Working in Teams

Millennials are more prone to work in teams when at the office. They worked in teams all throughout their academic careers and learned how to excel in that environment. This preference will shift over to their professional careers. They like to speak their mind, offer up ideas at the office and can handle criticism about their work and how they handle adversity at the office.

Millennials Know Technology

Millennials are one of the first groups of employees that grew up with all of the technology we have today. They do not know what it is like to live without a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, cloud-based services and text messaging. This means that millennials will be able to handle any type of technology needed for the job in which they are hired. They will also be able to help their co-workers with any technology issues that might arise. They will not have to go through time and cost extensive training, and will be able to quickly pick up any technology involved with their position.

Utilizing Taney County’s young talent base is one way our community can meet current job needs.

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