Millennials in the Workforce: Part 2

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, young adult workers hold the key to a robust talent pipeline. As baby boomers retire and Generation X workers move into leadership positions, companies need to develop young adult talent as a critical component of their workforce pipeline-particularly for entry-level positions.

Many companies are not sure how to develop young adult talent, but a recent study by Virgin Pulse reveals ways employers can engage this new workforce at their own organizations.

The study revealed that millennials are looking to grow and expand on their existing skill set, according to the 58 percent of respondents who say skill-building is a good benefit to have at an organization. This highlights the opportunity to take advantage of Millennial’s untapped skills, but how those talents grow and develop depends on employers’ approach to professional development.

Employers nationwide are reporting that many young adults lack the skills required to succeed in entry level jobs. In response, many companies are pursuing two types of internal strategies: designing training programs (internships, modern apprenticeships, leadership rotations) and engaging with local educational institutions

Taney County Partnership is working to bring new opportunities and training programs to keep local employers competitive with nationwide trends.

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