Embracing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Today, at least three generations currently coexist in the workplace. Each brings to the table their own strengths, weaknesses and viewpoints that are seemingly very different from the next.

Or are they? A recent study by the   IBM Institute for Business Value  has found that the needs of younger generations (Millennials) aren’t all that different from their older counterparts (Baby Boomers, Gen X). While it’s true that each generation (and individual for that matter) brings a different value to the workplace in one way or another, their basic needs and desires at work are what binds them – whether they realize it or not.

When you consider that Millennials will make up roughly  half of the workforce by 2020 , it’s pretty clear that now is the time to help our teams embrace their differences and bridge the generational  gap . * Here’s how this can be accomplished:1. Encourage Baby Boomers to share their experience and knowledge.

2. Gen X is the “middleman”. Look to them to help bridge the gap.

3. Help millennials continue to innovate, without overlooking the basics.

As leaders, it’s our job to help our teams navigate the changing landscape at work. We can’t change our employees’ circumstances, but we can change the way they view their circumstances. In helping our teams embrace what is and redirect their energy in a positive way, we will create higher functioning, happier workplaces that benefit from  what each generation has to offer .

* Information derived from Cy Wakeman’s article, ” The Perks (And Importance) Of Embracing A Multigenerational Workplace ” on Forbes.com

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