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If you are considering Southwest Missouri as a potential site for starting a new business or  relocating an existing business, the TCP can provide you with resources specific to your requirements.  Listed below are general resources.  Contact Jonas Arjes at 417-334-4084, ext. 326 or jarjes@taneycountypartnership.com for additional information.

Starting Your Own Business

Raising Capital

Missouri Business Portal

The Missouri Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) provide comprehensive business counseling, including assistance in finding the right type of funding for your situation. The Missouri SBDC can help prepare you to seek either debt or equity financing to fund your business strategies. They can also help you develop strategies to fund growth without seeking external funding sources.

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Missouri Department of Economic Development

Grow Missouri Loan

Facilitate the funding of an expansion project that would be unlikely to occur without the Grow Missouri Loan in order to create or retain full-time jobs for targeted businesses.

Missouri Technology Corporation

The Missouri Technology Corporation (“MTC”) is a public-private partnership created by the Missouri General Assembly to promote entrepreneurship and foster the growth of new and emerging high-tech companies. MTC focuses on 21st Century bioscience industries that build on Missouri’s rich history in agriculture and technology.

 Missouri Business Incentives

Discover tax credits and programs Missouri offers to help your business grow.

Small Business Loan Program

Pool of funds for low-interest or no-interest direct loans for small businesses.

Relocating an Existing Business

Contact Jonas Arjes at 417-334-4084 ext. 326 or email jarjes@taneycountypartnership.com.  As a longtime resident, Jonas can help you to navigate the local landscape.

Depending on which area Taney County or municipality you are looking at to relocate your business, there are friendly and helpful staff persons available during regular business hours.

Financial & Professional Services

Missouri Department of Economic Development

Incentives and Tax Reform


Missouri’s Tax Climate Increases Your Return on Investment

During the last three decades, one key factor in keeping the cost of doing business in Missouri low has been our ability to ensure that our state and local tax burden is as small as possible. And with a rate estimated at 9% of income today — well below the national average of 9.8% — Missouri’s low tax burden continues to be a key factor in helping Missouri businesses grow. (Source:Tax Foundation)

Missouri’s Corporate Income Tax rate ranked 8th in the nation according to the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index Rankings for 2012.

Missouri’s corporate income tax rate of 6.25% is applied to Missouri taxable income. In Missouri, this is the same as federal taxable income. Missouri allows 50% of federal income tax payments to be deducted before computing taxable income, leading to an effective tax rate of 5.2%.

A franchise tax also applies to Missouri corporations. That tax is 0.033% of the value of the proportion of the par value of shares or surplus greater than $1 million in Missouri. Governor Nixon recently signed Senate Bill 19 which freezes the franchise tax liability for companies at the Tax Year 2010 level and eliminates the tax entirely over the next five years.

A new corporation must pay an incorporation fee of $50 for the first $30,000 or less of shares and $5 for each additional $10,000 or portion thereof. A foreign corporation pays $150 for certification. Annual corporate registration fees must also be paid by domestic and foreign corporations doing business in Missouri. The rate is $40 annually for registration with the Secretary of State’s Office.
(Source: Missouri Department of Revenue)

MOSourceLink – Linking Missouri’s Businesses to the Right Resource at the Right Time

Infrastructure and Site Development

Action Fund Loan
Provides a loan to certain types of for-profit companies that need funds for start-up or expansion and have exhausted other sources.

Industrial Infrastructure Grant
Assist local governments in the development of public infrastructure that allows industries to locate new facilities, expand existing facilities, prevent the closing of a facility or the relocation of a facility outside the state.

Interim Financing Loan
Provide short-term cash flow relief for a company.

Grants to Missouri communities to improve local facilities, address health and safety concerns, and develop a greater capacity for growth.