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Katy Sheering

Employee perks at The Track in Branson offer year-round thrills

Katy Sheering

“Find a job you enjoy and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” That quote, attributed to Missourian Mark Twain, may sound cliché. But it’s true. No one knows this better than the team at The Track Family Fun Parks. For 40 years, this Branson institution of fun has been home to hundreds of happy crew members. They get paid to work where other people pay to play. If you want a job you enjoy, you’re in luck: The Track Family Fun Parks is hiring! Here’s what you need to know, and more importantly — why you should apply

The giant ferris wheel at The Tracks Family Fun Park in Branson, MO
From Chicago to Branson, this Ferris wheel is an icon
The Skyscraper Ride at The Tracks Family Fun Park in Branson, MO
Do you have sky-high ambitions?

Where hard work meets great perks

Maya Angelou, another great to hail from the Show-Me State, says it best. Positions at     The Track involve work, because, well, that’s how it works! However, unlike other jobs, these are flexible. The Track Family Fun Parks managers and supervisors are scheduling wizards who understand the importance of being there for your team’s big game, the vacation of your dreams, or even that last-minute doctor’s appointment. As individuals, they value their own family time and commitments and extend that care and consideration to their employees. After four decades of this attitude, it’s deeply embedded in the company culture.

Where fun for all means for ALL

These famous words of the late best-selling author Dale Carnegie – who grew up in Missouri – never fall on deaf ears here. The Track is in the business of fun. The company even has an official “Fun Committee.” Does that sound unconventional? Not at The Track Family Fun Parks, where the group puts fun as a workplace fundamental. The committee plans and hosts several crew member events and activities each season — think bowling, movie nights, barbecues, bonfires and more!

Of course, it doesn’t get any more fun than the parks themselves. For that reason, managers look forward to letting crew members experience the attractions at their leisure. One of the coolest perks of working here is crew members are given up to six comped armbands — to share with friends and family — per visit.

A vintage picture from The Tracks Family Fun Park in Kids Kountry in 1986
Family owned and operated since 1981
An aerial photograph of The Tracks Family Fun Park at dusk
Even after 40 years of fun, The Tracks Family Fun Park continues to grow.

Where teamwork stems from dream work

The Track Family Fun Parks were founded in 1981, one year before Misty Copeland (who would go on to be named the first African American female principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater) was born in Missouri. It was the passion project of a group of locals who didn’t listen to industry naysayers. The idea of building a business around go-karts – deemed to be a fad that would die out in a year or so – seemed preposterous. Forty years later, current owners Craig Wescott and Mike Russell are following in their fathers’ footsteps (they were also part of the founding team in 1981), still giving go-kart ride memories to the masses.

Craig and Mike aren’t the only multigenerational crew members around. More than one parent has passed the on wisdom of a summer job at The Track Family Fun Parks to their kids, and it’s not uncommon for people to apply based on the experience of friends and relatives. Of course, The Track, like its crew member family, has grown over the years. Today, it’s home to the 150-foot-tall Branson Ferris Wheel. This engineering feat spent 20 years lighting up the legendary Chicago Navy Pier, and if wheels could talk, it would share the stories of 17 million people. You’ll be part of the stories that people reminisce about for years to come — adventures like riding on a gondola overlooking the Ozarks or racing go-karts while embracing their inner Mario Andretti. That’s a rare thing to find in a job.

Where they care about your future

The 33rd president of the US, born and raised in Missouri, never missed an opportunity to talk about the importance of learning. The Track Family Fun Parks also views it as invaluable. That’s why it offers employees financial assistance to further their education. Scholarship amounts are determined by crew members’ good standing and how long they’ve worked for The Track Family Fun Parks. In the last 40 years, the scholarship program has given out one million dollars. That’s a lot of credit hours and degrees earned!

Where attitude trumps perfection

According to die-hard baseball fans, Yogi Berra, Missouri native and star catcher for the New York Yankees, had a dream job. But, no job is perfect. There’s also no such thing as the perfect employee. That’s why The Track looks for folks with a willingness to learn and laugh. He or she must be OK with being asked to be professional and playful on the same day.

And while most of the time working at The Track Family Fun Parks is rewarding, financially and fun-wise, like all jobs, you’ll need to be OK with an occasional “bad day.” Still, bad days here aren’t so bad. They might look like getting soaked by the bumper boats on a scorching hot summer day or having to tell a fearless five-year-old they’ll have to wait until they’re a little taller to ride The Skyscraper. But if you look at the high employee retention rate and the return of seasonal employees coming back for their fourth, fifth, and sixth years, you’ll soon see why those bad days don’t matter in the long run. What matters is you have found a job where hard work is met with compassionate bosses, thoughtful perks, and good pay, where fun is a priority and teammates become lifelong friends.

In short? What are YOUR summer plans?

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Who and how to apply

Potential candidates must be at least 16 years old and legally authorized to work in the US. Visit to check out the different positions, apply online, or download an application.