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Wanted: Applicants with documented workplace skills

Employers across the country are overwhelmed with stacks of applications for only a handful of open positions. Sifting through these applications is time consuming and inefficient. Employers need a way to quickly find individuals with essential, verifiable workplace skills. That’s why they’re asking applicants to earn an ACT National Career Readiness Certificate™ (ACT NCRC®).

Document your skills

The ACT NCRC documents a range of essential skills that are broadly relevant across industries and occupations, including the ability to:

  • Perform basic mathematic operations relevant to the workplace
  • Read and understand documents commonly found in the workplace
  • Find information presented in common workplace graphics
  • Set up and solve complex work-related mathematic problems
  • Determine the relevance of written information to work-related tasks
  • Apply information derived from graphics to work-related problems

Why earn the ACT NCRC?

  • Stand out from other applicants
  • Demonstrate your work readiness skills to employers
  • Learn which workplace skills you can improve
  • Build your earning power

The Missouri Job Center in Branson offers this certification test FREE of charge to job seekers or anyone interested in showing proof of their skill level. Document your workplace skills and earn an ACT National Career Readiness Certificate today! Use the contact form to get more info, schedule your test or ask a question about your results.

Directions for sharing your ACT NCRC online and resume examples are available at act.org/certificate/use.html.