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Certify Taney County as a Missouri Work Ready Community

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Employers can be the fuel to drive successful state and county Work Ready Communities initiatives simply by recognizing the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate. And in doing so, they will have a more qualified workforce ready to fill their jobs.

Taney County businesses need a strong, skilled workforce to overcome today’s challenges. When you ask for the National Career Readiness Certificate at your business, you’ll find only the most skilled employees. The Certificate is the work-related skills credential, providing objective documentation of employees’ skills that can be accepted nationwide. It is composed of three WorkKeys® assessments that measure skills critical to on-the-job success:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Reading for Information
  • Locating Information

A Proven Success

The Certificate is a proven, successful program because it is based on the WorkKeys system that employers have used for nearly 20 years to document real results, including decreased turnover and training time. Along with other education and background information, The Certificate serves as a valuable tool in making employment and training decisions. An added benefit is that the certificate is completely free for both the employer and the job seeker / tester

Features and Benefits

The NCRC is a valuable resource for a variety of people. The NCRC helps:

  • Job seekers and current employees improve their career outcomes
  • Students prepare to succeed in a variety of career pathways
  • Educators gain confidence that their students are ready for life after high school
  • Employers and human resources professionals improve their hiring, training, and promotion decisions
  • Workforce developers better assist those they serve, including displaced workers, in entering or reentering the job market
  • Economic developers provide evidence of a skilled workforce that helps attract business and industry
  • Industry associations have a foundation for building systems of stackable credentials
  • Policymakers and legislators gain a resource to create policy and legislative solutions to the nation’s economic and educational challenges

When individuals earn the NCRC, they become part of a robust workforce that helps their community’s economy thrive—which benefits everyone.

Ask for the Best for Your Business

Take that first important step toward standing up for a skilled workforce at your organization by asking for The Certificate. You can do this by adding a statement on your job applications, asking job candidates to submit a copy of their NCRC results with their application and directing them to the testing facility at the Missouri Job Center in Branson. Once you do this, you’ll be on your way to finding the most skilled applicants.

If your business would like to recognize the National Career Readiness certificate in Taney County’s effort to become a Work Ready Community, please complete the support pledge.

For details on how The Certificate can best be utilized by your organization, please complete the form below.