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Branson’s community continues to thrive, and businesses and families alike find themselves relocating to this area built on innovation, growth and prosperity. Whether you want to start your own business or put down family roots, make your favorite vacation city your home, and let one of these two businesses guide you along the way.

Commercial One Brokers LLC

One of America’s favorite destinations isn’t just for living. If you’re looking to move your business to the heart of the Ozarks, seek out Commercial One Brokers LLC to help you find the perfect spot. With more than 60 years of experience between co-founders Steve Critchfield and Bob Huels, this commercial realty business helps identify ideal placement for restaurants, offices, retail, warehouses and property management. They also provide site selection, landlord and tenant representation, property management, financial analysis and brokerage. When Critchfield and Huels built the foundation for Commercial One Brokers 11 years ago, they wanted their knowledge to build on data. Within six months of starting their business, the partners developed a database of properties with 5,000 square feet or more and multi-tenant space that has been maintained since. As one of two businesses in town focusing exclusively on commercial real estate, the pair can give detailed market information like rent, square feet, operating costs and more about virtually any commercial space within city limits. Most of their business comes from small to midsize companies, but they’ve also worked with larger corporations, so whatever the client’s needs, the partner- ship will deliver. Besides being armed with information, both Critchfield and Huels are Certified Commercial Investment Members. They have the experience and knowledge to point any business in the right direction. Wary of uprooting your entire business? Housed on their website is an annual report, a relocation guide and visitor data about the Branson area.

Good Life Realty

If you would have told La Nora Kay 36 years ago that Branson would become what it is today, she wouldn’t have believed it. “We were closed for six months of the year, and the only restaurants you could find were those like McDonald’s,” Kay says. Having been a broker since 1986, Kay’s conversations to potential clients about the Branson area have changed dramatically. Since its development, Branson has gone from a suitable place to retire to a di- verse community of families and vacationers. At Good Life Realty of Missouri, most of Kay’s business comes from out of towners purchasing vacation homes or relocating. She closes on more than 200 properties each year and keeps about 120 listings on her website each day. Because she has so many listings, she has divided her business into task-oriented focus areas—one employee might only develop the marketing and promotion of a property, while another might solely help prospective buyer’s homes. As a result, her agents can fully dedicate themselves to clients and narrow their tasks for more thorough, dedicated service.

Kay’s business is made up of seven agents who are known for giving a personal experience to clients and delivering valuable information about the area. Because she has been immersed in Branson for so long, Kay and her team have the utmost knowledge of the surrounding community and know why it will work for prospective buyers, no matter their reason for moving.

Looking to move to Branson?

The Taney County Partnership provides services in five areas: business retention and expansion, small business and entrepreneurial development, business and industry attraction and marketing, workforce development, and project management. Contact Executive Director Jonas Arjes (417-243-2126; jarjes@taneycountypartnership.com) to take advantage of the program.